Our team has a collective 80+ years...

experience in the digital signage industry. Our parent company, Coffman Media, has been a leading digital signage integration company for 10 years and they have implemented projects through North America and around the globe in industries such as quick service restaurant, education, healthcare, corporate and retail.

In late 2017 a few companies approached Coffman Media to assist them with adding digital signage as a product offering into their current business models. Throughout the next 18 months the "ask" began to come from even more organizations and so we decided to answer the "call" and launch The Digital Signage Element.

Our Team
Jason Ault.jpg
Jason is the face and Co-Founding member of Coffman Media.  His deep dive into digital signage began in 2006, where he attained experience, insight, and familiarity with the industry and matured in it.  Becoming a subject matter expert in digital signage, he now leads The Digital Signage Element team helping others expand in the digital signage world. 
Bill Strickland_edited.jpg
Bill initially joined the Coffman Media team with a comprehensive background in IT, including multiple certifications: CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, DSCE and Cardone University Master Certification.  His role at Coffman Media has evolved over the years, holding titles within Help Desk Support, Operations Support, and now he leads Operations Management and taking these skill sets into other businesses through The Digital Signage Element.
Eric Madden_edited.jpg
Eric is a visionary entrepreneur with an extensive IT Managed Service background. His vast knowledge of business building and his reliability as a professional makes him an esteemed Co-Founding member of Coffman Media and pillar team member for The Digital Signage Element.
Tim Ault_edited.jpg
Tim's lengthy involvement in the telecommunications space since 1976 catapulted him to becoming the heart and Co-Founding member of Coffman Media.  As a serial entrepreneur, Tim jumped into digital signage in 2006 with Jason.  He takes pride in cultivating relationships within the industry as a leader of The Digital Signage Element team.
Roger Blackwell_edited.jpg
Dr. Roger Blackwell


Serving as Chair of the Advisory Board for Coffman Media, Dr. Blackwell holds a wide array of business knowledge.  His involvement in the digital signage industry started with an investment into an early-adopter integration firm in 2000.  Dr. Blackwell has also served on many public & private boards such as Limited Brands, Max & Erma's, and Cheryl's Cookies.  His forward thinking ideas and reputable credentials make him a valued member of The Digital Signage Element.
Chad Raymond_edited.jpg
Chad joined the Coffman Media team as a Strategic Account Manager and continues to make clients a priority.  His background in business consulting gives him the advantage of delivering customizable solutions that are tailored to each client.  He has now joined The Digital Signage Element team as a resource on how to build and maintain accounts and relationships.
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